Gerald Hüsch, 1969

One of the world's leading international experts on executive and organizational leadership. [Deutsch / English]
Chairman and CEO of the Global Leadership School and founding member of the St. Gallen Institute of Economics, Gerald has been given the honor of presiding over the Royal Charity Gala held in Berlin, Germany 2012. Selected as one of the Top 100 Speakers in Germany [Speakers Excellence, 2011], Gerald's experience- based executive leadership master programs, lectures and key-note speeches are highly interactive, motivational and engaging. Additionally, they provide sharpened awareness, in-depth knowledge and the importance of ‘Plug & Play’-Leadership-Instruments leading to unrivalled individual and corporate growth. As the fountainhead of Evidence Based Leadership that scientifically measures, enhances and aligns corporate leadership abilities and efficiencies, Gerald Huesch and his team are international specialists sought after by Chairmen, CEO, executive boards and senior managers who need to master their most critical international endeavors, such as implementation of strategic shifts, major corporate reconstruction and transformation, as well as post-merger integration and collaboration that overrides hierarchy, silos and geography. Gerald Huesch is an inspiring, uplifting and charitable professional, who firmly believes that good leadership invigorates others.